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Amusements Off the Bench: The Hobbies of Judge Clarkson

By J. Scott Bovitz, Bovitz & Spitzer

I have been interviewing bankruptcy judges about their hobbies. Don’t laugh. I know what you are thinking. “Bovitz, you could interview every one of the 352 authorized bankruptcy judges about their hobbies ... and not find enough material for one Chapter 8 Humor column.” However, you would be mistaken.

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Bankruptcy Code Definition: Financial Institution

The Bankruptcy Code defines the term “financial institution” as meaning:

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Bankruptcy Code Definition: Bankruptcy Insider

The concept of insider is defined in 11 U.S.C. § 101(a)(31).

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Bankruptcy Code Definition: Disinterested Person

The Bankruptcy Code defines a “disinterested person” to mean a person that: (a) is not a creditor, an equity security holder, or an insider; (b) is not and was not, within 2 years before the date of the filing of the petition, a director, officer, or employee of the debtor; and (c) does not have an interest materially adverse to the interest of the estate or any class of creditors or equity security holders by reason of any direct or indirect relationship to, connection with, or interest in, the debtor, or for any other reason.  11 U.S.C. Section 101(14)

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New Member Spotlight: Rachel Foley

Rachel Foley, Foley Law, became a member of The American Board of Certification in March 2016. When asked why she sought board certification in Consumer Bankruptcy Law, Foley answered:

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