Why Hire a Board Certified Lawyer

Not all attorneys are trained equally. When you hire an attorney certified by The American Board of Certification, you hire an expert and true specialist.

Advanced level of skill. Successfully navigating bankruptcy and creditors' rights law requires a high degree of specialized capabilities. The board certification process involves a rigorous day-long exam, strict continuing legal education requirements, a comprehensive peer review from fellow practitioners and adverse counsel, and at least a five-year focus on the particular area of certification. While the testing ensures mastery of bankruptcy/creditors' rights law, legal ethics, and the chosen specialty area, the 60 hours of continuing legal education over every three-year period of time  guarantees the attorney remains abreast on the latest trends, guidelines, and changes in the industry. Not every lawyer can meet these standards, which is what makes board-certified attorneys stand out from the rest.

Nationally recognized expertise. Congress recognized the importance of board certification by listing it as one of the factors in determining the amount of reasonable compensation to be awarded to professionals in bankruptcy cases. Having an attorney that can claim board certification will let the bankruptcy court and opposing counsel know that they are dealing with a well-trained counsel – exactly the type of specialist you want on your team.

Respected reputation in the legal community. Board certification signals to outside parties that you have hired an attorney with significant legal experience that has also been subjected to extensive peer review. The American Board of Certification is sponsored by the American Bankruptcy Institute and the Commercial Law League of America. All three ABC programs are accredited by the American Bar Association and many individual states. Simply put, board certification provides credibility, which is one of the most valuable assets that an attorney can possess.

When hiring a lawyer, you deserve a specialist who has committed to meeting the most stringent standards in the industry. Why settle for anything less?